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Guided By Angels: Part 2 of 3: There Are No Goodbyes, My Tour of the Spirit World

Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2018 год
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      Guided By Angels: Part 2 of 3: There Are No Goodbyes, My Tour of the Spirit World
Paddy McMahon

Guided by Angels can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 eBook-only parts.This is PART 2 of 3 (Chapters 5-10 of 17).Have you ever wondered if there is there life after death? Where do people go when they die? Whether it’s possible to keep in contact with your loved ones after they die? And are they able to help you? Will you meet them again? Guided by Angels provides answers and comfort for all of these questions, and more.For decades, Paddy McMahon has acted as a bridge between the spiritual and human realms, helping people to connect with their angels, or spirit guides. He believes that we are born with spiritual connections to one or more angels, and if we want their help in life we need to be open to receiving their assistance.

There Are No Goodbyes


Guided by Angels

My tour of the spirit world

Paddy McMahon


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Title Page

5. Reincarnation

6. Spirit Guides at Work

7. Opening Our Minds

8. Looking Forward

9. A Place of Our Own

10. Earthbound Souls

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About the Publisher

Chapter 5


Reincarnation is a concept that has continued to intrigue humanity since the beginning of time. It remains a common belief among Eastern religions and philosophies, and was an integral part of Christian faith until it was removed by the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 AD. Since that time it has never been officially accepted by the Catholic Church – or, indeed, any of the major Protestant churches – although there can be no doubt that many Christians continue to believe that reincarnation exists.

There is something both exciting and frightening about the idea that the soul of a person whose body has died may be born again into another body at another time. In some ways it represents a second chance. For some people it explains feelings, instincts or characteristics that they have, which don’t make sense in the context of their current lives.

Although not used on his tombstone, Benjamin Franklin’s epitaph for himself is an interesting example of the belief in reincarnation. Benjamin Franklin was a printer, and one of the founding fathers of the USA. He wrote:

The body of B. Franklin,


Like the Cover of an Old Book,

Its Contents Torn Out


Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding.

Lies Here,

Food For Worms

But the Work shall not be Lost,

For it Will as He Believed

Appear Once More

In a New and more Elegant Edition

Revised and Corrected

By the Author

Benjamin Franklin seemed sure that he would be back.

Returning in the future

Perhaps it’s not surprising that when the subject of reincarnation comes up for discussion some people dismiss it on the basis that it boosts self-importance. Many people would probably feel rather grand if they believed they were kings or queens, or equally important people, in past lives.

Obviously, some people will have held important positions in past lives; however, those people may also have held servile positions in other lifetimes. My experience, through dealing with people and through what I’ve read about regressions (undergoing hypnosis in order to access information about past lives), there have been few instances of anything other than very ordinary existence. In truth, the only significance in finding out about previous lifetimes is their relevance to the present ones, for example, in helping people to be more tolerant in their dealings with others.

Margaret Anna and my other spirit guides state, without equivocation, that reincarnation exists. They present a picture of a soul evolving through a succession of physical lifetimes and, ideally, growing in awareness in each one. Of course, because our lives are dictated by our own free will, ideal growth may not be achieved in some lifetimes.

So what if reincarnation didn’t exist? What if a soul is created for each new body and continues to exist after the death of the body, waiting around for Judgment Day when it will be reunited with its miraculously resurrected body? Is this a point when ultimate fate is decided – eternal happiness with God or eternal punishment with the devil? This is largely what many people have been taught to believe, and it presents a rather different picture to the idea of the soul evolving through a series of lifetimes.

There is, of course, a third option – that there is nothing beyond the death of the physical body. When we die we simply stop existing. Many people hold this belief, but for me it’s a dispiriting one.

I have no doubt about the option of reincarnating as, ideally, a method of growth in awareness. I have been given many proofs of continuing life, some of which I have already outlined, and others that I’ll describe later. In any case, as the woman in the bus said to me, I’ll know soon enough.

If the prospect of being reincarnated is at all frightening, it’s worth remembering that we have options and choices. The spirit guides have reassured me constantly that free will is always exercised when our spirits leave our bodies. In fact, free will is sacrosanct. No soul is forced to do anything it doesn’t want to do, including reincarnating.

In fact, once any one of us accepts the fact that life continues, and in the way we wish it to, it seems nonsensical that we could be judged for eternity on the acts we undertake in one physical life. Our lifetime is merely the blink of an eye in ‘eternal’ terms. What’s more, there are huge inequalities in the conditions in which we are born and we live. How could people be fairly and equally judged unless those considerations are taken into account? So rather than being fearful of the idea that we go on – and live again after our physical life on earth – we can rejoice in the idea that there is no Judgment Day looming, that the mistakes we made can be rectified to the best of our ability, and will not come back to haunt us.

Remembering the past

So why can’t we remember our past lives, or even some of them? I have met people who remember whole swathes of earlier lives, and others who have odd memories that are clearly from a different lifetime. There are many recorded examples of cases where young children retain past-life memories. Over thirty years, Dr Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia has done extensive research into children’s spontaneous memories of past lives. His work provides details of about 100 stories of past-life reports from all over the world, which he followed up and found to be irrefutable. It seems that as children grow up the memories fade.

However, most people don’t remember anything at all. Why is this? It’s a question that I have put to my spirit guides on many occasions, and in particular the three guides with whom I speak regularly. They obviously don’t work exclusively with me. Their reach is far more global than that. But when I need them they are there, and they reliably present answers to my questions. In this case, they’ve made it very clear that we forget in order to be given a fresh start – without the burdens that each lifetime offers. We are able to start again without guilt, fears, worries, habits, responsibilities or anything else. It is a great mercy that we are spared the memory of some of the happenings of the present life, not to mention being reminded of events from previous lives over which we’d prefer to draw a veil.

A very important point to bear in mind about reincarnation is that, if we accept it as a possibility, it ought to be helpful for us to free ourselves from all aspects of discrimination, whether racial, religious, gender-based or otherwise. It would be foolish to discriminate against one group or another when there’s a chance that in a previous life or lives we could have been members of such groups.

Former life connections

Over the years, a number of different cases have come to my attention through individual consultations. All have served to open my mind to the possibilities that may transpire after we pass on.

Brenda came to see me after giving birth to a much-longed-for baby boy. She wondered if I could get information about any former life connections she and her husband might have had with their son.

The impressions I received from my guides were that Brenda’s son, whose name was Sean, had been her son in a former life. He had been taken from her for reasons of social stigma and placed in a type of orphanage run by nuns. The chaplain to the community took a special interest in the boy and established a loving relationship with him. In the present life he was the boy’s father. Brenda was delighted to hear that.

A few years later Brenda came to see me again. She told me that one day her son, then a little over 3 years old, turned to her suddenly and said, ‘I knew Dad before. I was in a big house and he minded me. I didn’t know you at all then, Mum – you weren’t there.’ He also said that Dad (as he was then) wore funny clothes.

I liked hearing Brenda’s story, partly because it confirmed the impressions I had originally received, but also because it showed how love breaks down the barriers of time. What must have been a horrendous experience for Brenda in her former life had been transformed into one of joy in her present life. I was very grateful to her for having returned to tell me what Sean had said.

One morning I happened to turn on a radio station and an item about a man named Nigel (his real name – he gave me permission to use it), whom I knew, caught my attention. Some years earlier Nigel had come to see me. During our session I had informed him that I was getting an impression from my guides that he had been a prolific artist in late nineteenth-century France. I suggested that if he took up painting he’d be likely to find that his talent would manifest itself again in his present life. When something like this had previously come up, I usually found that the people in question did have a particular leaning or talent in the direction suggested. In other words, they had ability to write, act, paint, nurse or whatever.

In this case, Nigel had never even remotely considered painting. He found it hard to believe that he might have any artistic talent. Nonetheless, through seeming coincidences, he got an opportunity to join an art class, where he struck up an immediate rapport with the teacher. He was surprised at how quickly his efforts took shape. Within a relatively short period of time he sold several paintings, and he graciously invited me to open an exhibition of his work.
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