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An Angel Saved My Life: And Other True Stories of the Afterlife

Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2019 год
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      An Angel Saved My Life: And Other True Stories of the Afterlife
Jacky Newcomb

Powerful stories of communication with angels and guidance from loved ones in the Afterlife. Includes real-life amazing rescues, dream visitations, and near death experiences, from the UK's leading angel expert as seen on This Morning TV.In this unique book, Jacky leads you through fascinating stories of the significance of afterlife communications and how they prove the existence of life after death.It includes incredible details on:• Amazing angel rescues – mysterious strangers who proved to be angels in disguise.• Miraculous survival stories which defy explanation – True life dramas and what happens when those from the afterlife intervene.• Near death experiences – what is it really like to die?• Remarkable medical recoveries – spirit intervention to change a person's 'time to go'.• Dream visitations – angels and spirit friends entering or creating dreams; astral travel to communicate in dreams.• Spirit visitations – rules for visiting earth; psychic medium communication and how it works; stories of 'proof of the Afterlife'.• Children’s experiences of interaction with angels.

An Angel saved my life

And other true stories of the Afterlife

Jacky Newcomb

‘The Angel Lady’

To Anthony…safe in the arms of the angels.

Table of Contents

Cover Page (#u74a3a8e8-8b59-5e3a-bca9-28c161352ea1)

Title Page (#u12e0d8c5-3b24-5766-82ed-e87889fd4b15)

Dedication (#u23e54e05-bdb8-593c-9add-4cb75551c762)

Introduction (#ub271c273-267e-5b3e-a74c-140c58395686)

Part 1 (#u2b7870fd-1438-50f9-97d5-62a6f7a38457)

CHAPTER 1 My Own Psychic Story (#u1914f8d1-53cb-5d98-addd-f0100d7de781)

CHAPTER 2 Taking Control (#u8a9d0339-2175-51e2-aa2f-710cb9d7a6e0)

CHAPTER 3 Spiritual Growth (#u41c8dbae-b154-5c0f-9ad5-137f2b575e0b)

Part 2 (#uffb6f31c-474b-5f67-8935-3670328d4a6f)

CHAPTER 4 An Angel Saved My Life (#ua7fb51f1-70e9-51af-b506-140a08419931)

CHAPTER 5 Answered Prayers (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 6 Mini Miracles and Brief Enconnters (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 7 Our Loving Animal ‘Angels’ (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 8 Loving Angels on This Side (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 9 Children’s Angels (#litres_trial_promo)

Part 3 (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 10 Love from the Other Side (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 11 Warnings from the Other Side (#litres_trial_promo)

CHAPTER 12 Knocking on Heaven’s Door (#litres_trial_promo)

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Introduction (#ulink_f60ea644-b72d-58e4-af65-57b559be0adb)

We now live in a time when it’s totally acceptable be a ‘BELIEVER’ in Spirits and Angels. Be proud to be a member of this ever growing club and go forward with a twinkle in your eye knowing that you are always watched over and guided.

Tony Stockwell

When I first started investigating the angel phenomenon I was bowled over by the incredible stories I’d heard of angel intervention and life-saving experiences. For many people, an ‘angel experience’ begins a life-long interest in these beings of light. If you believe in angels then angel experiences are ‘proof’ of their existence. If you don’t believe in angels then it’s hard to ignore and write off these stories completely. They can’t all be coincidences, surely?

Angel experiences have a certain something about them. People say, ‘I just knew it was an angel.’ There’s a feeling or a sense about it which is difficult to explain to anyone else. Usually there is no ‘proof’ and often the experiences happen when one is alone – perhaps that’s part of the magic!

If you are interested in the spiritual side of life then you might not need ‘proof’ that angels exist at all; I know that I don’t. Science after all is limited. Parapsy-chologists who try to prove that some paranormal events or beings can be measured come up against several difficulties. First of all, we don’t really know where to look for angels and secondly, we don’t know how to look…even if we did, we don’t yet have equipment which could measure their existence. How could we provide such evidence of these celestial beings? Would we even know if we’d actually gathered the proof we were seeking? Science at least is at the point where scientists are saying that, in theory at least, it is possible that these other dimensions and our ability to perceive them are possible, so watch this space!

When I was a young girl I used to wake up night after night and ‘see’ someone in my room, and I couldn’t understand why. My Dad would do the fatherly check and open the curtains, look under the bed and open the wardrobe door. Of course, he never did find anyone but I knew that someone was with me – always. The problem was that no one else could see my guardian and so, for everyone else, he did not exist. But for me he was there.

As I got older I read more about the existence of angels and the afterlife and I realized that my own guardian had been communicating with me the whole time. Many other experiences over the years suddenly seemed to make sense. The warning voices in times of trouble, and the ‘gut instinct’ which got me out of difficulties and probably saved my life. This was my angel at work.

Encountering an angel in your life is a fairly rare thing for most people. If you are lucky enough to experience an angel it is more likely to occur when you are in a life or death situation or at a time when there seems nowhere else to turn. Angels appear when we call out for them in extreme stress or grief – although this is not always the case. I do believe that we need to give angels permission to help us – at least on some conscious level. We feel them at a deep soul level and we let them know that we want them in our lives.

I would like to share with you some of the hundreds of stories I have received from around the world. Some are bizarre, others are totally unexplainable. Some are comforting and some are…well, I’ll let you decide! No scientific experiments have been done here. I believe in the integrity of each and every person who has been kind enough to honour me with the permission to share their very personal and intimate stories here with you. Are these stories real? Absolutely!

But first I must begin with my own psychic experiences. I shared some of these in my book An Angel Treasury and so here I continue the tale. Knowing about some of the experiences I have been through myself will give you a little understanding of what I see, and why I see it; and certainly why I think the way that I do.

I am a normal mum of two teenage daughters and certainly not a spiritual guru of any kind, and yet I have experienced the most bizarre paranormal things in my life. Some of these things have just ‘happened’ to me and others I have sought out along the way to explore my own spirituality and boundaries. These things have been for my own research. You in turn must find your own way along the spiritual path. When I look at the things I have documented in Part 1 about my own path (and I have only written here the mere beginnings of my spiritual travels), I myself find it hard to believe, and yet everything I have shared here is true.

The second part of this book deals with amazing ‘angel experiences’ I have come across in my research. Angels come in all sorts of disguise. Angel stories fill my books An Angel Treasury and A Little Angel Love but in An Angel Saved My Life I have documented some of the more dramatic experiences I have encountered. Experiences which happened to different people in different parts of the world, and often many years apart, seem to have a similar theme. I am left in no doubt as to the existence of angels. But as always, I’ll let you choose for yourself.

The third part of the book looks at the mysteries of the afterlife and at contact through the veils of heaven. Sometimes these experiences blend with the angel stories I have received. At times the stories will blur across the divide and merge between the chapters which I have created, but ultimately that does not matter. I have tried to create some order and ‘sort’ the stories for you. The natural world does not usually fall into such easy sections! Often when people send their afterlife communication stories to me they called them ‘angel stories’. These are, after all, ‘angel stories’ by another name…

Be ready to be astounded, as I was and am.

Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact Angels have no religion as we know it…Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Part 1 (#ulink_e737231d-7b57-534a-b6ba-92cae42dc32d)

CHAPTER 1 My Own Psychic Story (#ulink_5126228d-dd44-5a0b-9310-d1372373af34)

The power of Thought, the magic of the Mindl

Lord Byron

‘Mummy, Mummy, there’s a man in my room!’

Usually Dad would come in and search under the bed, open the wardrobe and pull back the curtains, as dads do when they are searching for ‘monsters in the bedroom’ – although of course he never found anyone or anything! Many years later I realized that I was seeing a spirit guardian or angel, and that I have always had this spirit with me, and still do.

Kabam is my own guardian angel or spiritual guide and when I looked back I realized how, like most people, I had experienced psychic and paranormal activity in my ‘normal’ life. Like most people, this phenomenon was filed away in my mind under the ‘…that was weird wasn’t it…’ moment and I had completely forgotten about it. I truly feel that we are all psychic in one way or another and from time to time we tap into these other realms and alternative states.

When our minds fall into a daydream, when we drop off to sleep, and when we meditate, our minds are in an altered state; a state different to our normal waking consciousness. It is during these times that we are most likely to have supernatural experiences of our own.

I remember having several ‘paranormal’ experiences as a child. On a family holiday on the Isle of Wight I got into difficulties in the sea (I wrote about this in full in An Angel Treasury). A calm presence aided me back to shore; a presence unseen but heard and felt. Had an angel saved my life?

Another day my family and I walked along the windy seaside pier and struggled to stand upright. The wind was so strong and pushed us along and it was enormous fun. My sister and I fantasized about being lifted up by the breeze and floating in the air. Later that night I had a dream so real that I thought I had really spent the evening flying down the pier. Years later I realized that this was called an ‘out-of-body experience’ (OBE) and after reminiscing with my sister over the holiday we had as children, I realized that the two of us had the same ‘dream’ memory! We actually had flown down the pier but we did so in our spiritual or astral bodies rather than physically. For me it was the first of many such experiences.

I always read a lot as a child, and as a teenager I had piles of paperbacks stacked up by my bed. One of those books was the groundbreaking work by Dr Raymond Moody, Life After Life. It was piled up amongst the other books which my mum had recently bought from the local jumble sale. Those works included typical teenage reads of the time…things like Confessions of a Window Cleaner and pretty well anything by the English romance writer Barbara Cartland! My friends and I shared similar tastes.

Dr Moody’s book was very different of course and was not a work of fiction. It had quite obviously been picked up ‘by mistake’ by my mother, and yet his work, about near death experiences (and the now well-known ‘white light and tunnel’ experiences that people have at the point of psychical death), was to change the course of my life.
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