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A Little Angel Love: Spread Happiness and Inspiration, with Help from the Angels

Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2019 год
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      A Little Angel Love: Spread Happiness and Inspiration, with Help from the Angels
Jacky Newcomb

SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIMEBring love, happiness and fulfilment into your own life and those around you, with this gift book of inspirational guidance, quotes and stories of angels and spirits from the other side."I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." ~ MichelangeloA Little Angel Love is a delightful gift book of messages, stories, affirmations and quotes based on angel inspirations and afterlife communication.Discover a wealth of practical things to do to bring happiness into your life and other people's, by spreading a little angel love. Learn how to achieve your potential in life, 'angelic' things to do every day, and how to pursue your dreams. Also read amazing anecdotes from people who spoke to their loved ones after they died, or received visitations from angels and spirit guides and experienced prophetic dreams.A perfect gift of angelic inspiration.

a little angel love

Jacky Newcomb


Spread happiness and inspiration, with help from the angels

preface (#ulink_52e81218-92c9-5abd-bf5e-3032e7f07603)

After my first book, An Angel Treasury, I was inundated with requests for another book. I receive hundreds of letters from all over the world. ‘We love your book. Can you make a smaller version which we can carry around?’ So here it is. At first I wondered if I could ever write anything more about angels. I honestly felt I had written everything there was to write about angels but in fact that wasn’t true at all—there is still so much more and the task will never be complete of course!

Your lovely angel stories just poured in and I am grateful to each and every person who was kind enough to share their stories with me here. Angel stories form the beating heart of the book and people love to read them. They bring inspiration and comfort.

Since I wrote An Angel Treasury I have realized how fascinated people are with the idea of having their own guardian angels. I have given many radio and TV interviews and published lots of magazine articles on the subject. Many of the questions were repeated over and over, so I have tried to address these new questions here. As you can imagine in this line of work, each query I had myself was answered by my own angels in either ‘coincidental meetings’, coming across the information in a book ‘accidentally’, or the perfect story coming to me at the right time! But you and I know that this was so much more than coincidence. I asked my angels to help me, as I always do.

If you are reading this book right now then you have probably been sent by your own angels…a coincidence? I doubt it! Now is the time to begin to explore angels in your own life. If you are a new reader then welcome. If you have read my work previously then welcome back.

In the last year I have been working on many projects including an angel DVD and several guided angel meditation CDs. Lots more things are in the ‘pipeline’. Each person will find their own way of working with their angels and this book and other ideas presented to you will offer suggestions for ways which feel right for you. I don’t believe there is any ‘one way’ to do this right!

I love to read your own personal angel experiences and look forward to hearing from you. You can find me at my website: www.JackyNewcomb.co.uk or post letters via the publisher at: Jacky Newcomb (author), c/o HarperCollins.

Jacky Newcomb BSYA (Psy.D)

Table of Contents

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Preface (#ub78ee9e3-5752-5f5f-a55f-3d997a470485)

1 guardian angels—beautiful beings of light (#u3930d2f8-e976-507d-b105-9709b6ce6dea)

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5 humans or angels? (#litres_trial_promo)

6 angels—who are they really? (#litres_trial_promo)

7 connecting with yourself (#litres_trial_promo)

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1 guardian angels— beautiful beings of light (#ulink_1e2eb606-90e2-5da7-83ef-6a2d4ad45066)

‘Angels belong to a uniquely different dimension

of creation which we, limited to the natural order,

can scarcely comprehend.’


Who are these beautiful beings of light? Is it true that we each have our own guardian angel watching over us? For as long as recorded text has existed, people have written their stories of personal protection by some unseen presence, a being of light. And before recorded text? Stories were told around the camp fire of these celestial beings, and passed from generation to generation.

The shepherds in the Bible were frightened of them; others revered them. Many saw angels as unapproachable. Most religions recognize angelic messengers in one form or another and many people believe in guardian angels, our own special defenders.

‘An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory ofthe Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. Butthe angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring yougood news of great joy that will be for all the people.”’LUKE 2:10-12

Never more than today have we been able to share these stories without ridicule. The appearance of an angel, an angel visitation, is called ‘angelophany’. But not all experiences are related to actually seeing angels. All angel experiences, in whichever way the angels choose to draw close, are precious gifts which grow with the sharing. Each time a story is passed on the experience expands, and lifts and enlightens more and more people. Just the telling of angel stories is a powerful thing in itself!

People from all over the world have shared their angel stories with me. Each story is individual to the owner, although there are many similar themes which run through these special moments. People who have never met have experiences, maybe years apart, where the essence or reflection of their story is the same…the touch on the shoulder, the time in their life when it happens, the vision of a ‘being of light’, and so on.

‘An angel is an intelligent essence, always in motion.It has free will, is incorporeal, serves God, and hasbeen bestowed with immortality. Only the Creatorunderstands its true nature.’JOHN OF DAMASCUS

Do you have a story of your own, or one that a close family member has confided? Often we forget and then the tale of another will make us go, ‘Oh yes, that reminds me of something which once happened…’ Other people say, ‘I have never told anyone this before,’ or worse, ‘I told someone once and they said I must be dreaming so I never shared it with anyone again…until now!’ Isn’t it sad that one person might feel the need to take a life-changing moment away from another? In most cases there are no witnesses, it’s not something which is easily proven, but why worry? I have never felt the need to prove any of my experiences to anyone and neither should you! Enjoy and be comforted by your angel visitations and share them with people who appreciate them!

Pop stars and TV personalities freely talk about their own belief in guardian angels these days, and openly discuss their personal experiences. This makes it easier for the rest of us to share the miraculous experiences which have happened to us, the many millions of ordinary folk around the world. But of course, you don’t have to be famous to have an angel story of your own. These anecdotes come from all countries and all cultures, and seem to occur to people of all religions, all ages and both sexes. Angels are for everyone and you have a guardian angel of your own.

How do we know they are around us?

‘All God’s angels come to us disguised.’JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL

Angels show their presence in many different ways—most of them very subtle indeed—but this one was not so subtle to Victoria!

Many people believe that butterflies are a sign of spirit, and butterflies (especially unusual colours) seem to appear in times of stress and grief. Sometimes they even appear at times of year when they really shouldn’t! And butterflies of no known variety are seen at times when we are looking for comfort. Are butterflies angels in disguise?

Little Victoria received her angelic message loud and clear!


‘My daughter Denise walked away with a broken hand from a hundred-mile-an-hour-impact road accident in December last year.

For days before her accident, her 5-year-old daughter Victoria was obsessed with drawing butterflies and even asked her granddad to draw some.

A week before her accident Denise had seen a Red Admiral butterfly in her daughter’s bedroom. She put it out of the window. On the day of her accident she collected her jeans from the washing line and was about to iron them when a Red Admiral flew out of them.

After the accident, her husband Tim picked up her belongings from the police compound—she opened her shopping bag and found Victoria’s drawing of a butterfly inside it. Denise had not realized the drawing was in her bag until that moment.

Talking it over with her husband after the accident, Victoria, who was listening, said, “Mummy, there wasn’t one butterfly, there were a hundred.” Victoria put her hands together as if in prayer and said that one butterfly flew out and said, “We must pray for her and save her,” and they all lifted her up.’

This beautiful story just touched my heart. Could it possibly be true? Why would it not be?

One of the more common ways our guardian angels show themselves is by leaving gifts of ‘angel feathers’. Do the feathers actually come from the wings of an angel? Who knows, but humankind has believed for many thousands of years that angels have wings and the angels know this! Those perfect little curled white feathers are the most common. Feathers are light and easy for angels to manifest for us—what a perfect sign—so maybe that is why they are among the commonest angel signs.

Barbara was finding life a little stressful. Was her feather a message from her angels? She did wonder!


‘I walked along my hallway and saw a white speck on the carpet. Each time I passed over it I was aware of it. It really stood out. I thought I should vacuum it up but after I vacuumed, I realized it was still there! I felt annoyed and bent down to remove it and imagine my surprise when I found my white speck was really a feather! It was perfect. A small, fluffy and creamy white feather! I decided to keep it and put it in a little box on my dressing table. My answer had come.’
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